Positive Change: Introducing Transition at a Life Plan Community

Selection of Values Offered

(Based on Bain & Company’s Elements of Value)

  • Affiliation and Belonging
  • Fun/Entertainment
  • Provides Access
  • Connects
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Provides Hope

Organization Name 



High Point, North Carolina

Organization Type

Life Plan Community

Organization Description

Pennybyrn is a life plan community located in High Point, North Carolina. The 71-acre campus houses residents in Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Memory Support..


To show how Pennybyrn’s Wellzesta Kickoff was a successful way to introduce a major change to the residents of a Life Plan Community.


Pennybyrn used to be confined to one-dimensional wellness programs and outdated forms of paper communication, but after making the decision to partner with Wellzesta, the staff could see that “going digital” would majorly improve the lives of their residents. The challenge before them: to introduce this major change to their community of 250 Independent Living residents in an exciting and empowering way. Pennybyrn’s Director of Resident and Community Engagement, Lynn Johnson, worked together with the Wellzesta team to plan a kickoff celebration on September 17, 2018 in which the partnership with Wellzesta would be announced to the general resident population.

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Community App that offers Event/Activity Sharing, Video Chat, E-Mail, Text Chat, Digital Signage, Community Blog, Activity Calendar, E-Reader/Electronic Books, Art, Games, Exercise, Music, Facilitated Communications and Conversations, Friends Network.

System Embodiment

App running on iPad tablet for users (residents and future residents); Web App running on tablet, laptop, and desktop for staff; cloud-hosted back-end server.

Business Model

Medicare and private pay.

Implementation Approach

Aldersgate installed campus-wide Wi-Fi five years ago and sought a mobile communications platform that could enrich the lives of residents, create a culture of vitality, and attract prospective residents. Data collection and real-time feedback from residents were also important to both personalize each individual’s experience and understand the changing consumer’s needs and desires. Wellzesta/Spectrum staff conducted extensive hands-on onboarding, where staff and residents were trained in groups of 30. Residents and future residents received on-site, interactive training in the use of iPads, as well as the software.

The platform was rolled out initially to community staff, followed by a two-step implementation process for residents. Step one was introduction to iPad use


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