We are Wellzesta

At Wellzesta, we believe whole-person wellness is possible at any age; uniqueness should be celebrated; staying connected to community strengthens us; and discovering one’s purpose is key to living a “well” life.

A Brief History

If we really are in the "people" business, then empowering individuals to thrive in community should be at the forefront of the work we do. Wellzesta Co-Founder Kyle spent the majority of her career serving seniors and began to see needs for better connection, communication, and wellness in both the senior living and home care industries.

Wellzesta’s CEO, John, a physician-scientist, had significant experience in medicine and health informatics and a strong interest in utilizing wellness data to improve quality of life and predict health outcomes. By offering senior adults and caregivers a personalized digital platform that was both sophisticated and experiential - with wellness at its core - technology could be instrumental in the ‘people business.'

Thus, Wellzesta (a combination of two words: WELLness and ZEST for life) - was born.


John Robinson, MD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Dave Pearson, MD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer

Kyle Robinson, MA

Director of Business Development

Shannon Hale

Sales Manager

Gabriel Gorski, MA

Director of Product

Keith Coffey, MA

Director of IT

Sebastiao Almeida

Senior Mobile Engineer

Marcio Junior

Senior Full Stack Developer

Cacau Azevedo

Project Manager

João Pedro Bretanha

Project Manager

Magdiel Silva

Senior Designer

Anelise Daux

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Jess Murphy

Client Success Manager

Evangeline Wilds

Marketing Manager

Yulia Akhmetyanova dos Santos

Quality Assurance Engineer

Lucas Barbosa

Front-End Developer

Lebo Ngwenya

Data Science Intern

Michael Ouimet

Videography Intern


Ray Chan, PhD

Data Science

Bill Osborne

Home Care

Michael Wasserman, MD



Be current

We move fast. Real-time reporting, close ties with media owners, and an instinct for trends means we spot opportunities first — achieving excellent ROI while reaching out to new audiences.

Be relevant

We keep our finger on the pulse of what’s new in technology and translate that knowledge into innovations that benefit our partners. Rather than jumping on bandwagons, we gain insights from trends and use them to create features that stay relevant to users’ lives in the long-term.

Be open

We are committed to honesty and openness with our partners. Receiving feedback from those who use our software is a crucial part of our development process, and we highly value the insights and recommendations that our partners provide.

Be collaborative

“Collaboration is not about gluing together existing egos. It’s about the ideas that never existed until after everyone entered the room.” ~ author unknown.

Be data informed

Data informs strategy. It helps us chart our course and influences how we provide solutions. Through analytics and data insights, we can all make informed decisions.

Be connected

We consider it an honor to act as the catalyst for stronger, more meaningful relationships between members at our partner communities. Interpersonal connectedness is key to a life well-lived.