Wellzesta Advantage

An exclusive customer advocate program


We believe that knowledge and intimacy drive brand loyalty, credibility, and trust. The best way to create meaningful engagement is to join the Wellzesta Advantage Program. Program members get an intimate view of our approach.

Program Benefits

Early Access

Members receive early access to software updates.

Customer Voice

Provide valuable feedback about the product.


Influence the development of the software by advocating for new features and helping prioritize feature requests.

Professional Development

Receive coaching that will help you more effectively run your business.

Tech Tips

Learn about new tech tools that can improve your communication.


Share best practices with other program members.


Members are eligible for prizes and awards.


Each month, a Wellzesta Advantage member is featured.


Receive assistance in generating marketing content that you can leverage to improve your brand.


Admission to Wellzesta Advantage is by invitation. For more details, click here to contact the Wellzesta team.