• Haylee McGuire dot Haylee McGuire
    Haylee McGuire
    Communications Coordinator, Arbor Acres

    "Wellzesta is currently our most powerful catalyst in making sure residents needs are met in all dimensions of wellness."

    John Earle dot John Earle
    John Earle
    Resident, Arbor Acres

    "Wellzesta combines so many useful features. All the information you need is right at your fingers. Try classes, find friends, set wellness goals. I'm discovering something new every day."

    Rich Newman dot Rich Newman
    Rich Newman
    CEO, Pennybyrn

    "I appreciate our relationship with your team. It was a great kick-off with the Wellzesta Wizard training, I can share that our residents are very excited and committed. I can't say enough what a great job your team is doing."

  • Sarah Hagan dot Sarah Hagan
    Sarah Hagan
    VP of Independent Living, Bridgewater

    "Thank you to our Wellzesta family. We are thrilled that you have brought us such an innovative product that will shape our culture for the better."

    Suzanne Hodge Pugh dot Suzanne Hodge Pugh
    Suzanne Hodge Pugh
    CEO, Aldersgate

    "By adopting Wellzesta Life, Aldersgate saw an opportunity to lead the industry and position our community as a premiere provider of wellness for elders. We are seeing big dividends."

    Vivien Carson dot Vivien Carson
    Vivien Carson
    Resident, Pennybyrn

    "It is absolutely the right thing to do. Wellzesta is a great way to know, sitting in your living room, what is happening, and how to contact someone you maybe just met. Wellzesta is a good encouragement to get involved and to stay healthy and connected."

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Wellness Focused

Wellzesta products are organized around the eight dimensions of wellness, which help seniors live well with purpose.

Staff Friendly

Staff Friendly

Our data insights help you know your residents better. Wellzesta improves staff collaboration, reduces turnover, and helps save money.



Wellzesta offers personalized wellness for residents through goal setting, real-time feedback, and smart recommendations for better health.

the right product

Choose the right Wellzesta product for you

Wellzesta Life comes in several configurations. Find out which product works best for you.

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the right product

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