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A personal health platform for senior living residents

Wellzesta Health

Easy to use, every day. Here's how:


Connected devices (fitness bracelets, smart devices such as watches, scales, and blood pressure monitors, and more) automatically transfer biometric data to the Personal Health Record in Wellzesta Health. Through this “self-provided health information,” Wellzesta Health records residents’ steps, sleep patterns, heart rate, heart rhythm, weight, and more. Wellzesta Health also sends medication reminders, appointment reminders, and coaching through the Apple Watch.



The Wellzesta Health app provides all the features of Wellzesta Life plus a Personal Health Record (PHR) and health communication suite. Wellzesta Health provides residents with actionable insights so that they can make better decisions about their health, perform self-assessments, and feel confident when talking to their doctors. The Wellzesta Health app runs on all mobile and desktop devices.



Staff activate the health and wellness of their residents using Wellzesta Active, where they can publish events, messaging, articles, meals, resident directory, links to apps and documents, and more. Wellzesta Active also provides analytics on engagement and feedback from residents. Healthcare staff can video conference with residents (telehealth), perform wellness assessments, and run wellness campaigns. Wellzesta Active is hosted in a private cloud that offers data security and 24/7 connectivity.



Personal Health Record

With the most current information about their health and wellness at their fingertips, Wellzesta Health puts residents in charge of their health. The PHR gives residents the ability to track their wellmetrics, sociometrics, biometrics, presbyometrics (metrics related to aging), medications, and known health conditions. It is a resident’s own personal health record, but they can share it with others if they so choose.



As they monitor their health, residents can also track and improve their wellness (wellmetrics), where they can set goals and monitor their progress in all eight dimensions of wellness. They can also track their moods, access on-demand content related to health and wellness, connect with others individually or through groups, log independent activities, and receive personalized reminders and coaching.



Through Wellzesta Health, residents can see their sociometrics - measurements pertaining to their social relationships - and track their connections in order to avoid isolation, which can be detrimental to seniors’ health. With Wellzesta Life, they can act on these insights by registering for community-sponsored events and connecting with others to increase their social wellness.