Reach beyond your walls; touch more lives

Growth platform for new service lines

Wellzesta Reach

Easy to use, every day. Here's how:

Reach seniors outside your walls with your #1 growth tool

Wellzesta Reach is a digital growth platform used by senior living organizations to nurture relationships. Want to grow your HCBS program, start At-Home services, or connect with discharged wellness participants? Personalize your connection with each prospective member, generate more revenue, and touch more lives.



Personalize the experience

Real-time engagement that reaches prospective residents, individuals at home, and other constituency groups. Leverage technology tools like push notifications, virtual tours and events, HIPAA-compliant chat, and digital concierges.


Systemize communication

Eliminate paper-based communication and centralize operations and engagement in one easy-to-use platform. Upload documents, assessments, and forms for quick access. Send targeted messages to individuals or groups. Connect in real-time to increase awareness, strengthen communication, and engage more powerfully.


Build your brand

Show a wider audience that you care about their health and wellness. With on-demand content like positive articles and videos posted daily, social connection and chat, it’s easy for others to feel like part of your community.


Strengthen your process

Allow innovative technology to work for your marketing and sales team by leveraging AI, automating follow-up tasks, and digitalize sales tools. Empower members with shareable content, guides, and referral opportunities.


Harness the power of data

Understand your digital marketing ROI and see your most engaged leads. View customized metrics and see what’s working. Use data to make strategic decisions, empower teams, and increase sales velocity..