Thrive is care for the caregivers

Improved communication. Reduced turnover.

Wellzesta Thrive

Easy to use, every day. Here's how:

When your caregivers thrive, your business thrives.

Wellzesta Thrive is a comprehensive digital platform for home care providers that streamlines communications and cultivates caregiver wellbeing. The result? Improved employee and client satisfaction and reduced caregiver turnover.



Improve caregiver recruitment and retention

As your organization becomes more innovative, you will attract more innovative people. Offer wellness initiatives and create an attractive, modern company culture. Improve your online presence and bring in qualified, enthusiastic candidates that will want to stay with your organization.


Systemize communication

Eliminate paper-based communication and centralize operations and engagement in one easy-to-use platform. Upload documents, assessments, and forms for quick access. Send targeted messages to individuals, groups, or all staff. Connect in real-time to avoid frustration and last-minute stress.


Inspire your employees

Show your staff that you care about their health and wellness. With positive articles and videos posted daily, wellness goal setting and rewards, and an easy way to connect to other caregivers, staff members will feel connected, inspired, and excited about your company culture.


Simplify and personalize training and education

Eliminate messy paperwork and modernize your organization by digitizing staff training, referrals, and continuing education programming. Online forms, quizzes, and videos make staff training easy. Clients refer their friends to your organization with one simple click. Employees submit feedback easily and anonymously.


Equip caregivers for success

Help your caregivers put their best foot forward. Caregivers use Wellzesta Thrive daily to get a pulse on their clients, communicate easily, and prepare for appointments. Encouraging content benefits employees’ emotional wellness and helps them do their best work every day.


Harness the power of data

Quickly gather caregiver feedback and client satisfaction scores through digital forms. View wellness metrics and mood reports from clients and caregivers. Use data to make strategic decisions, empower your HR department, and grow your agency.


THRIVE is care for caregivers

An app they actually love.