Convenience and connection

Modern ways to keep your community in-the-know

Wellzesta Visualize

Easy to use, every day. Here's how:

Interactive Kiosks

Trade messy paper calendars for sleek modern kiosks and upgrade your communication instantly. Touchscreen technology keeps your community up-to-date and makes finding information quick and easy for residents, staff, family and friends.

Interactive Kiosks

Digital Signage

Display event and meal details through Wellzesta Visualize on digital signage. Residents can easily see what activity is coming up next or what is on the day’s menus. The modern design of Visualize will seamlessly integrate with your community’s aesthetics.


Mobile and Desktop

Your residents can see what’s happening at the community from their personal devices with Wellzesta Visualize for mobile and desktop browsers. Rather than communicating through paper, which quickly becomes unreliable, you can depend on Wellzesta for up-to-date communication.




Clearly display event locations, times, dates, and descriptions. See current information on resident registrations and waitlists. Post venue changes and cancellations in an instant.



Display customized venue descriptions, daily menus, and nutritional information. Wellzesta Visualize has the ability to support dining reservations and makes it easy to share meal information with visitors, residents, family and friends.



Receive daily wellness articles from the Wellzesta team. Post articles written by your staff, leadership, and local community members.