Right at Home, Belmont NC

Modernizing Communication


The Belmont location of Right at Home, owned by Bill Osborne, offers Home Care and Senior Care services. Prior to partnering with Wellzesta in 2019, Bill felt his franchise needed to modernize in order to stay relevant to today’s clients and caregivers.

With Wellzesta Thrive, the franchise is now seeing improvements in communication, efficiency, and company culture.


Before Bill introduced Wellzesta Thrive at his franchise, his office staff members found much of their time lost to daily inefficiencies. Between repetitive phone calls, mass text messaging, and the time-consuming, outdated process of interviewing and training new caregivers, the staff weren’t able to focus on finding new clients and growing the business.

In addition, Bill knew that he needed to communicate more with his caregivers, in a way that was more personalized and data-rich than a monthly e-newsletter.

"It's true, you can see who reads an e-newsletter, but are they getting all the information they need from it?” Bill said. “Is it helping with the operational obstacles that we have in our office? Is it providing personalized caregiver recognition? You can give some recognition through a newsletter, but it’s an outdated way to do it.”


Bill introduced Wellzesta Thrive to his office staff and a pilot group of caregivers in summer 2019. He quickly began to see improvements in three major areas: the interview process, calls to the office, and messaging between the office and caregivers.

Calls to the Office

Thrive became a solution for the issue of repetitive phone calls in the office. Important documents, FAQs, and reminders were uploaded to the platform, so that caregivers could find answers to common questions quickly without calling the office.

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Bill’s staff now uses Thrive as a modern way to conduct interviews. By digitizing their interview flow and using Thrive to go through it with job candidates, their process is now more efficient and allows for a more “person-centered approach.”


“We’re able to provide content for the caregivers that is relevant to specific things that are going on with their care. I know day-to-day, as time goes on, the way that we’re able to communicate and pinpoint who’s reading what is going to make it easier on my staff. It’s going to make it easier for my caregivers.”


For Bill, modernizing his franchise is of crucial importance, and through Wellzesta Thrive, he has the tools to streamline communication and connect with his caregivers in an innovative, personal way.

“Being more modern is certainly important to me. You can’t get left behind. And so, I made the decision, one way or another, we were going to be innovative thinkers.” Direct communication with caregivers is made easy through Thrive, and now Bill and his office staff can see data on who is opening and reading important messages. This saves the office staff time, as they are able to send targeted communications and make sure caregivers are staying engaged.