White Papers

Addressing depression: the silent killer among seniors

Communities can promote the emotional wellness of their residents by lowering stress and equipping residents to better manage their response to stress.

Senior living's new healthcare focus: pre-acute care

Life Plan Communities, formerly called Continuing Care Retirement Communities, initially set out to provide healthcare to medium-acuity and high-acuity seniors. Life Plan Communities conceived of themselves as providers of long-term post-acute (LTPAC) care. Here, we show that the scope of healthcare has expanded to include care coordination and care delivery to low-acuity seniors.

Social connection in life plan communities: the need to innovate

John Franklin, Managing Director and Head of BB&T Capital Markets Healthcare Finance Group, takes a look at the problem of social isolation at senior living communities and innovative solutions provided by companies, including Wellzesta.

Successful aging produces gender-independent wellness profiles

By remaining independent, residents in independent living at Life Plan Communities are a model for successful aging. This white paper shows how health and wellness software for seniors can capture data on how residents' wellness profiles change as they age, depending on gender.

Wellzesta Health across the continuum of care

Most seniors at Wellzesta's partner Life Plan Communities begin using Wellzesta Health in the pre-acute setting, either as residents in independent living or members of an at-home program. Wellzesta Health helps these seniors live independently with confidence.