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Leadership Executives

Most senior living executives depend on subjective reporting to measure resident well-being. Wellzesta delivers reliable analytics that help you reduce operational inefficiencies and clearly see a return on your wellness investment.

IT Managers

From digital signage to the device agnostic Wellzesta Life and Health systems, Wellzesta makes communication between staff and residents easy as it functions as your community's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Our products are build upon Wellzesta's award-winning, HIPAA-compliant cloud platform called StrongBand.

Life Enrichment

Most life enrichment leaders inherit outdated, disjointed channels of communication and find themselves serving too many groups, leaving programming commoditized rather than customized. Wellzesta provides a cohesive, sophisticated solution that engages residents on a personal level and helps you understand and serve your residents' individual needs.


At Wellzesta, we believe in the power of whole-person wellness. We believe that our industry needs a new focus on preventative health, rather than simply reactive treatment. The Wellzesta Life and Health platforms can integrate with your community's EHR to provide a new way for residents to see their own health data and set goals for their progress in each dimension of wellness.

Residents & Future Residents

Many residents feel like their community does not meet their unique needs. People want to be connected, in-the-know, and thrive. Wellzesta provides on-demand, intelligent communication and personalized wellness coaching that helps you live your best life.


Wellzesta helps you stay in-the-know about what's happening at your loved one's community. Through the Wellzesta life app, your loved one can stay connected and keep track of their personal wellness goals. The app's check-in feature allows them to indicate their daily mood, giving staff a deeper awareness of how they are feeling each day.


PHASE ONEPre-Launch FundamentalsWe work closely with your team to guide you through preparations for deployment, from procuring devices and ensuring high-quality WiFi, to providing the resources you need to educate and excite your residents about what’s to come.
PHASE TWOAdoption & EducationWellzesta’s Client Success Team will train your staff members on the use of the Wellzesta Active administrative platform, integrate your current content into the system, and help you feel confident as you prepare your community for the launch.
PHASE THREELaunchOur team will be on-site at your community throughout the launch, starting with a kickoff celebration. We’ll then train residents in small, hands-on classes and offer one-on-one Help Desk sessions. It’s our goal to make every resident feel secure with Wellzesta and their device, and to empower them to make Wellzesta their everyday companion.
PHASE FOUROngoing Engagement & SupportEven after training, we’ll be there to answer questions, provide support for your staff and residents through our online support desk and toll-free phone number, and give you recommendations for optimizing how your residents engage with Wellzesta.

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