White Paper

Wellzesta Health across the continuum of care

Most seniors at Wellzesta's partner Life Plan Communities begin using Wellzesta Health in the "pre-acute" setting, either as residents in independent living or members of an at-home program. Wellzesta Health helps these seniors live independently with confidence.

Wellzesta Health offers many features: a personal health record; care communication; connection with staff, residents, friends and family; a way to participate in community-sponsored events and log user-initiated events; menus and dining information; on-demand health and wellness content; announcements, alerts, and happenings; and health coaching from Wellzesta DOT. Depending on the personality, interests, and preferences of the individual, some features are used more than others. Regardless of which features are most used, we find that most Wellzesta Health users make the app an integral part of their life.

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