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Committed to your team.

We come from the senior living industry and know what it is like.
Partnering with your staff and residents for a positive impact is key.

Our company values


Speed to value, validate, humility, refine & polish, publish.


Take pride in your work. Be accountable for the quality of your work.
Be aware that your work likely affects other employees.


We value having a deep understanding of the client’s challenges and opportunities. We always seek to understand today’s senior adult’s preferences and desire for purpose.


We seek to build trust internally and with our clients.

Our founders

John Robinson, MD, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Kyle Robinson, MA
Director of Business Development
Dave Pearson, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer

It takes a TEAM

Wellzesta is honored to have so many amazing team members with different skills and talents. We have various departments, which all work together to create solid technology and reputable services. The team is comprised of:
Research & Development
Design UX/UI
IT Security
Software Development
Q&A & Testing
Revenue Operations
Client Success

Our advisors

Ashur Odishoo
Faye Postma
Ray Chan, PhD

“Accessing Wellzesta has become a vital part of my daily ritual. The resources provide me with everything I need for a productive, participatory day in our community, from dining to social and educational opportunities.”

Mike Fike


"The more you use Wellzesta, the more comfortable you’ll get. The world will open up- your neighborhood where all your friends live. Wellzesta connects you to the people, places and events that matter to you. Be that person who wants to stay engaged and constantly learning. You will be happier. Your life will be richer."

Mary Porter


"Wellzesta is easy-to-use and it is how I start my day. Exercise videos, devotionals and inspiration, and insightful articles. I use the content in conversations with friends throughout the day and it keeps us staying positive."

Theresa Grant


Our dedication

Our team is a global force committed to providing software that supports one's purpose. We have team members who know and understand senior living, healthcare, software, wellness, and training. Partnering with our clients and walking beside them is a key to success. We've become know for our powerful data analytics, attractive UX/UI, and our signature staff and resident onboardings (live training classes that empower people and groups and meet them where they are.)

We've hand-selected the best designers and developers from many countries to bring you top-quality platforms. Making your world a little easier to navigate is our goal. Supporting your growth is our aim.

Our history


Our founders come from both healthcare and senior living backgrounds with an emphasis on software development, gerontology, research, and business development. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Wellzesta has been serving eldercare organizations since 2014 and works with communities across the US.

Industry knowledge

As frequent speakers and presenters at senior living and home care conferences, the Wellzesta team stays informed on current events, trending topics, and future opportunities. We are in dialogue with our client-partners to discover what needs and desires they have for software, as well as how we can solve industry problems together.


At the core of our engagement and communication platforms, you will always find health and well-being. Throughout the products, users will discover a dedicated wellness taxonomy, data analytics, and support for personalized well-being.

International team

Wellzesta's team is an amazing group specializing in software development, operations, research, and sales. We are proud to be an international team, with members living in the United States, Brazil, Costa Rica, Thailand, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua.

Focused, yet agile

We listen. As a "bootstrapped" company that has grown through strong client service and an evolving product, we are anchored to the senior living industry, yet are agile and listen to client needs. The landscape will continue to change and our products will evolve with it.


Wellzesta's engagement platforms offer a solid user experience, have compatibility with standards, whole product pricing, situational value, and are fit for your purpose. We aim to not only be best-in-class, but also a step ahead to support an evolving field.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Let's connect anytime, but if you'd like to find some information on your own, here are some questions our team is often asked.

We have a portal and use paper and phone to stay connected to our residents, why do we need more?

As you know, our industry and society continue to evolve. In fact, every year, we see technological advances in healthcare, senior living, and beyond. Wellzesta understands that many organizations are serving multiple generations / age cohorts with a varied interest in technology. Our goal is to meet all of your residents where they are, to help your organization be proactive rather than reactive, and to stay connected to your community in the best way possible. Wellzesta offers a variety of options for the super savvy user, to the middle-of-the-road user, to the novice. Our approach is tailored for your organization.

What is your pricing model?

Wellzesta partners with communities to support your short and long term goals. Getting a strong ROI on technology and wellness is a high priority for us. In general, client-partners pay a one-time onboarding fee that includes platform set-up, data analytics, staff training, ambassador training, in-person resident training, and robust follow-up. Our client success team works with your organization throughout the entire process. Recurring fees include Software-as-a-Service, SaaS (per user / per month) for residents only. Pricing depends upon scale and platform choice.

How long does the entire process take?

Each community and organization is unique. Our team takes a tailored approach for each onboarding. Some general guidelines for onboarding for a single-site campus include: virtual coaching sessions with staff, virtual coaching sessions with resident ambassadors, and then, small group, on-site training sessions with residents. A typical site may take between eight to 12 weeks to implement.

When can you start working with us?

Usually, there is a waitlist for onboarding clients, so thinking ahead and getting connected to the Wellzesta team early is a benefit.

What post-purchase support will we receive?

Wellzesta truly partners with its clients. Our business development team provides a fluid transition to the Client Success team. During the first 60-90 days, your organization will have weekly or bi-weekly calls. Following onboarding and implementation, staff will have monthly then quarterly video calls to discuss progress, areas of opportunity, and any outstanding questions. Our team also collaborates with your sales and marketing team to support new sales with prospective residents. Your resident and staff populations will also have access to a live knowledge library, interactive support prompts, a ticket system, and email support. Our goal is to not only support the platform for your community, but also to support your organizations goals.

What about residents who don't want to use technology?

Coming from the senior living industry, we understand that some residents will be very excited about trying a new technology, others may be interested, and a few may be apprehensive. We get it. Our team consists of master's level coaches and trainers who are skilled at teaching and working with individuals. We have many success stories of how a resident did not want to try the platform, but after attending classes with our team, decided the platform is helpful and then uses it daily. Our engagement rates are the highest in the country.

We're interested. How do we get started?

The best way to begin is through a simple virtual call. In 30 minutes we can discuss your needs, interests, and goals. Following this call, a product demo is often a great way to move forward.  To schedule a call, simply click this calendar link.

Schedule a demo with us to find out if we can help you.

Connect with us to explore possibilities. A simple call could be the start of a solution perfectly suited to your needs.