Using engagement technology, Wellzesta supports senior living organizations by reducing communication complexity -

resulting in resident well-being, confident employees, and connected communities.


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staff time savings

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Value to family & friends

The Wellzesta Life engagement platform also supports family and friends. Keeping family like adult children in-the-know not only helps them feel confident about the community, but it also provides ways for them to engage with their loved one. Here are six reasons the Connect functionality brings value.

Open Communication

Wellzesta Connect is part of the resident engagement platform. It allows for easy, real-time communication with family members if desired.

Saves Time

Allowing the family to have access to what's happening on campus and see what's new with their loved one means less duplicative efforts for staff.

Builds Credibility

When family members are connected and in-the-know they have more confidence. This eases their minds and keeps them positively engaged.

Security and Well-Being

When families feel like communication is working, they have a greater sense of security for their loved ones health & well-being.


Families can both advocate for what's happening at the community and also support their family member's wellness journey.

Connection Grows Community

Communication = connection. You never know where your next referral will come from - connected people grow community.

Supporting the residents and families

Wellzesta Life engagement platform supports individuals at many phases of their lives.

Independent living resident

Highest engagement in the US. Device agnostic. Convenient and personalized.
Your daily guide and wellness companion.

Assisted living resident

Leverage voice to have information read aloud. Stay engaged with community and be inspired with videos, articles, and virtual events.

Baby boomer 60s, 70s

Convenience, community, and privacy.
HIPAA-compliant platform, personalized with information they like and want to see.

Greatest generation 90s, 100s

Leverage voice, sliding gestures, and prompts to help guide your day. Invite family to stay connected too. Technical support available.

Member at home

Connect with members in CCaH or at-home programs. Everything at your fingertips, connection with friends, and wellness support.

Future resident

The best way to stay in touch with future residents. Lower attrition, gain confidence, and take a personalized approach to each person.

Silent generation 80s, 90s

Flexibility, choice, and support. Keeps you in-the-know daily. Provides tutorials and live technical support. Supports health.

Low vision / limited mobility

Just say what you want or tap one button to have it read aloud. Utilize accessibility tools, make use of prompts and personalization.

"Connect" is a feature of Wellzesta Life

Connect makes it easy for staff to keep family members in-the-know. And family members can stay in closer contact with their loved ones. Less duplication of communication effort, greater sense of community, and more positive engagement among all groups.


Learn more about how Wellzesta partners with senior living communities of all sizes, supporting both resident & staff engagement. Focus on resident safety, independence, wellbeing, & sociability.

“Wellzesta Connect is easy to use and helps me keep up with how my Mom is doing and what events she likes. I can even see what's for dinner before I visit for dinner.”


Family member

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Joe Doe

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