Benefits are greater than Features

Checking off a list of features is great, but it’s the value delivered to your organization and stakeholders that matters most.

Benefits for Staff

The technology landscape is vast, making it cumbersome to find what really benefits your community. Staff need a reliable software partner who understands what daily life is like at a community. Our team acts as an extension to your operational teams and departments.

Reduce workload & save time

Save staff time with template libraries, pre-published messaging, pre-scheduled events, and a real-time data insights dashboard.

Program personalization

Staff and teams now have real-time information and data both aggregately and individually to personalize programs and services for residents.

Increase productivity & be proactive

Most employees are juggling a lot. We support proactive planning, team work strategies, and offer productivity tooling to support their daily work.

Enhance community culture

When things are orderly and communicated well and residents have autonomy, it enhances the culture for all.

"Our residents enjoy seeing daily events outlined so clearly, seeing who their peers are, and forming new friendships. The staff see how residents go from intimidation of their own technical abilities to confident users of the Wellzesta Life program."

Ellen DeBel, Executive Director,
The Vista (New Jersey)

Benefits for the C-Suite

Technology, particularly platforms that touch residents, families, future residents, as well as staff are not only a market differentiator, but a physical asset that is with users on a daily basis. It supports short-term and long-term planning with clarity.

Predictable progress

Because your team now has quality data, you can all see trends, what's working, what's not working, and plan accordingly; making the most of your time and overalll strategy.


Having multiple technology platforms is already a challenge, let us help you consolidate communication and well-being for your residents in one convenient place.

Industry focused

Our platforms are created for the longevity industry and we specifically work with Life Plan Communities across the country to provide data, statistics, and best practices.

Strong adoption

The Wellzesta Life resident engagement platforms has the highest engagement in the US. With high daily and weekly use, the sky is the limit.

"With the Wellzesta platform, we can now connect programs and people across communities and even states. This is part of a long-term strategy to give our residents meaningful choices everyday and live exceptional lives."

Rob Lahammer, VP Engagement & Advocacy, Presbyterian Homes & Services (Minnesota)

Benefits for the Board of Directors

Digital technology reduces barriers and helps reduce isolation. The analytics supports the entire organization by promoting health & well-being, simplifying staff workload, and guiding the organization with real engagement and data.

Data tells a story

Board members need an easy way to get a sense on what's happening within the organization. Our qualitative and quantitative data provides a useable narrative.

Supports mission

Board members help drive overall mission & vision. Knowing resident preferences, staff interaction, and having predictable analytics can guide this strategic process.


Having to be reactive is often what happens within communities. With a reliable engagement platform, leadership can focus on being proactive and meeting the needs of today and tomorrow.

Inclusive & accessible

Meeting residents and staff where they are is essential. Our engagement platforms are inclusive, while taking into account personalization. Making technology accessible for all is our goal.

"We were really able to see how Wellzesta Life positively impacts not only the residents, but also the organization's culture. Our community just feels stronger and more connected now."

Jeff Weatherhead, CEO & Board Member, Plymouth Harbor (Florida)

Benefits for Residents

One source to stay in-the-know and highly engaged. Residents stay current through personalized messages, easily register for events, issue support requests, read or listen to articles and documents, enjoy wellness videos. Easily navigate concierges and requests. Residents know where to find what they need every day.

Stay connected

Residents want to start their day with the right information and a positive outlook. The Wellzesta Life platform is their one source to discover what they need for the day.

Understanding you

A "one-size-fits-all" approach not longer works. Wellzesta supports personalization to help each resident have their own viewpoint and connection to the community.

Improve autonomy

Residents no longer have to search to find the answer or call a staff member. Resources and happenings are all accessible and easy to navigate. You can even use voice and semantic search.

Enhance well-being

Health and well-being is key to a purposeful life. Wellzesta's engagement platform supports groups and individuals with wellness content, goal setting, and programming to live their best life.

"Wellzesta has amazing enrichment and relaxation content, plus beautiful and spiritual reflections and insightful articles. We all like to share these with each other and our families too. We always learn something new."

Debbie Kissinger, Resident,
Messiah Lifeways (Pennsylvania)

Benefits for Family

Families can stay in touch with how their family member is doing through the platform’s family feature, thus supporting familial peace-of-mind and accessible communication. We cut out mundane staff tasks, making family conversations more meaningful.

Peace of mind

We all want to know our loved ones are doing well. A view into the platform allows family members to easily connect and see how things are going.

Stay knowledgable

Having information at your fingertips is important, especially for families far away. With one connection, family can now be part of what's happening at the community.

Feel Connected

Busy lives make it more difficult to always be there. But leveraging personalized technology supports familial connectedness and a sense of togetherness.

Shared experience.

Even when you aren't there, as a family member you can easily experience what a day or week is like at your loved one's community. We make it easy and convenient.

"Knowing that my Mom is doing well and taken care of eases my mind. It is easy to stay current with what's happening at the community, so I am informed and confident about her experience."

Patty - Family member at
Covenant Village (North Carolina)

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