Using engagement technology, Wellzesta supports senior living organizations by reducing communication complexity -

resulting in resident well-being, confident employees, and connected communities.


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Value we deliver

There are many great communication platforms out there, but it is not a one-size-fits all. Here are six reasons our client-partners say they chose the Wellzesta Elevate staff engagement platform.


Health & well-being are at the core of the platforms. The software leverages bi-directional communication to enhance engagement & support wellness.

Data Insights

Data tells a story. It allows both staff and departments to know what is working and what isn't - making it a breeze for strategic planning.


Our signature process of onboarding new client-parters, training teams and staff members has become a key component to an organization's success.

Open Communication

Real people answer your calls, tickets, texts, and emails. We are a team coming alongside your team to support the engagement processs.

Industry Expertise

Because we have deep roots in healthcare & senior living, we get it. The experience allows us to have a deeper understanding of your needs.


If teams and individuals are engaged with any technology, there is so much you can do. We aim for high engagement to get the job accomplished.

Supporting the staff and their teams

Wellzesta Elevate engagement platform supports all departments - keeping teams in-the-know.

Human resources

Simply all the tasks that HR has to do. Communicate directly with staff, send reminders, receive referrals, and use all apps.


Housekeeping, landscaping, and maintenance teams easily connect and get work accomplished; eliminating duplicate efforts.

Marketing & sales

Make it easy for staff to give sales referrals. Keep all employees in the loop on marketing events, prospective resident arrivals, and more.

Nursing / healthcare

Elevate provides real-time updates, reminds staff about certifications, and provides easy training access and support.


Dining and culinary teams connect easily with one another and can access training, scheduling, and heathy recipes in one location.


Minimize repetitive calls and requests, maintain records easily, eliminate paper, conduct easy surveys and feedback.

Information technology

Keeping up with multiple staff technologies can be a heavy lift. Now, IT teams can consolidate all apps in one system.


Data analytics helps leadership understand their number one resource - their people. Easily review feedback and view trends.


Learn more about how Wellzesta partners with senior living communities of all sizes, supporting both resident & staff engagement. Focus on resident safety, independence, wellbeing, & sociability.

“Wellzesta Elevate changed my attitude about work. l know what's happening and easily connect with my team. I can find everything in one place and I even get healthy recipe ideas for dinner.”

Allison Beck

Team member - nursing

"The team at Code House took our project to the next level. Their attention to detail and innovative ideas exceeded all of our expectations.

Joe Doe

Customer success expert

"We were blown away by the professionalism and creativity of the Creative Agency team. They truly understood our vision and brought it to life."

Jack Jackson

Customer success expert

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