Life at Home

Using engagement technology, Wellzesta supports adults living at home (and CCaH members) by digitally connecting them -

resulting in individual well-being, confident families, and connected communities.


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more engaged

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Value we deliver

AARP statistic states that roughly 85 percent of people age 65 and older say they want to remain in their current home as they grow older. That's a big number! So how can communities, organizations, and friends stay connected? That is where the Wellzesta Life at Home platform comes in - we support connectivity and engagement to help people age-in-place safely and successfully. Its the communication line to your greater circle, while also supporting one's well-being.


Health & well-being are at the core of the platforms. The software leverages bi-directional communication to enhance engagement & support wellness.

Data Insights

Data tells a story. It allows everyone to know what is working an what isn't - making it a breeze for short-term & long-term planning.


Our signature process of onboarding new client-parters, training teams and end-users has become a key component to an organization's success.

Open Communication

Real people answer your calls, tickets, texts, and emails. We are a team coming alongside your team to support the engagement processs.

Industry Expertise

Because we have deep roots in healthcare & senior living, we get it. The experience allows us to have a deeper understanding of your needs.


If teams and individuals are engaged with any technology, there is so much you can do for good. We have the highest engagement in the US.

Supporting members and families

Wellzesta Life at Home engagement platform supports individuals at many phases of their lives.

Member at home

Connect with members in CCaH or at-home programs. Everything at their fingertips, connection with friends, and wellness support.

Member aging in place

Leverage voice to have information read aloud. Stay engaged with program and be inspired with videos, articles, and virtual events.

Baby boomer 60s, 70s

Convenience, community, and privacy.
HIPAA-compliant platform, personalized with information they like and want to see.

Greatest generation 90s, 100s

Leverage voice, sliding gestures, and prompts to help guide your day. Invite family to stay connected too. Technical support available.

Families and friends

Connect with family members and supporting circles. Order additional services, discover what's working and provide wellness support.

Future member

Stay in touch with future members. Increase membership, gain confidence, and take a personalized approach to each person.

Silent generation 80s, 90s

Flexibility, choice, and support. Keeps you in-the-know daily. Provides tutorials and live technical support. Supports health.

Low vision / limited mobility

Just say what you want or tap one button to have it read aloud. Utilize accessibility tools, make use of prompts and personalization.


Learn more about how Wellzesta partners with organizations, communities, and programs of all sizes, supporting connection and engagement. Focus on member safety, independence, wellbeing, and sociability at home.

“Wellzesta's platform engages this massive group of people desiring to live at home. The technology builds a digital community and supports the premier providers who are proactively connecting with this audience.”

Steve Hopkins

CEO - Jordan River Group

"The team at Code House took our project to the next level. Their attention to detail and innovative ideas exceeded all of our expectations.

Joe Doe

Customer success expert

"We were blown away by the professionalism and creativity of the Creative Agency team. They truly understood our vision and brought it to life."

Jack Jackson

Customer success expert

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