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Engagement solutions for eldercare.

Community operating systems (CoS) for senior living, aging-in-place, and home care.

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Wellzesta Life - for residents

Lifestyle Management Platform. Engage with your resident population meaningfully. Highest engagement in the US, one-stop location, multiple integrations, find everything they need, while supporting their health & well-being. ROI = 25% increased engagement in first three months, 35% increased event participation, 60% increase in personalized feedback.

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Wellzesta Elevate - for staff

Staff members today are wearing multiple hats & dealing with logistics. Now, they can find one place to stay informed and engaged. ROI: 28% increased participation, 35% increased communication among departments, 30% increased usage of other staff platforms through Wellzesta Elevate. Plus, support for keeping teams healthy & focused.

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Senior Living

Wellzesta partners with senior living organizations to deliver effective communication, operational excellence, and data to support health & well-being.

Resident Engagement

Effectively connecting with your residents is essential for success, significance, and growth. Our Wellzesta Life platform makes it easy to engage residents through any device - laptop, desktop, tablets, smart phones, and even publishing content through digital signage and TVs. We also include built-in voice. Our operating system, StrongBand allows organizations to connect to other software systems, making it a one-stop-place to discover what you need. Gain autonomy and a stronger sense of well-being with your Lifestyle Management Platform.


Resident engagement platform. Wellzesta Life reduces communication complexity in senior living organizations - resulting in resident well-being, confident employees, and connected communities.

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The Visual resident engagement version. Digital signage, in-house TVs, and voice. Communication that supports residents no matter their level of care, while helping staff save time on mundane tasks.

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Lead Engagement

Stay connected to future residents, depositors, and prospective residents. Through Wellzesta Discover and Wellzesta Life you can enhance communication, use video, highlight information directly on your website, and understand the prospect's journey.


Publish once, display anywhere. Enhance your website with relevant information for future residents. Discover how simple and effective it is for your marketing and sales team. Communicate with prospects early.

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Embarking on an expansion or a new campus? Wellzesta Life offers a place where future residents stay connected and in-the-know. Lower attrition, improve relationships, engage meaningfully.

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Family Engagement

Staying connected is more accessible than ever before. We've made it super easy and convenient for friends and families to engage with their loved ones through Connect (as part of the resident engagement experience in Wellzesta Life), so they can discover what's new, and easily connect with other members meaningfully.


Families and friends stay in-the-know, while having peace of mind through Wellzesta Connect. Families have greater insights into what's happening, staff save time and have more meaningful family conversations.

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Staff Engagement

Improve staff retention, enhance team recruitment, and build a culture of connectivity. Wellzesta Elevate can elevate your human resources to a whole new level. This easy-to-implement platform allows greater connection and conversation, provides a place for celebration and recognition, supports staff well-being, and gives them access to everything in one location.


Staff and teams are often overworked and sometimes overwhelmed in today's climate. Give them Wellzesta Elevate to stay engaged, have wellness support, and connect with their peers.

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Aging In Place

Whether you are embarking on Continuing Care at Home (CCaH) or starting a Life Plan at Home concept, we have you covered. Keep everyone connected, engaged, and supported through one platform.

Member Engagement

Sometimes it is hard to have strong social wellness and connectivity when living at home. However, members can have the best of both with Wellzesta Life at Home - the comfort of their home, and digital connection with friends and your organization. Members know where to go to find what they need - whether that may be new services or products or helpful resources on aging well.

Life - at Home

All the amazing features and benefits from our Wellzesta Life platform - bundled for your at-home membership.

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Family Engagement

Staying connected is more accessible than ever before. We've made it super easy and convenient for friends and families to engage with their loved ones through Connect (as part of the resident engagement experience in Wellzesta Life at Home), so they can discover what's new, and easily connect with other members meaningfully.

Connect - at Home

Family connections are important no matter where you live. Leverage the family piece for your CCaH or Life Plan at Home membership.

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Home Care

Home care agencies provide valuable services to individuals and families each day. Caregivers are like superheros - just wear scrubs instead of capes. So, let's keep them engaged and well.

Caregiver Engagement

Caregiving isn't easy work - that's why meaningful communication is key. Through the Thrive platform, office administrators can stay in communication with their caregivers, while providing them the information they need to do their best work. Of course, like all of Wellzesta's platforms, it also supports caregiver health & well-being.


Wellzesta Thrive keeps all of the caregivers connected and part of a true community. Easy to use on-the-go - Thrive keeps them going (plus helps your caregiver retention).

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Wellness Partners

Wellzesta is dedicated to providing high-quality wellness content for all platform users. We are delighted to partner with numerous content providers who specialize in wellness and successful aging. Within the Wellzesta engagement platforms, end users can read and watch quality articles, videos, and experience events both pre-recorded and live. Here are a few of our partnerships.


Experience virtual interactive tours of incredible places all across the world, led by guides and designed to be viewed wherever you are.


National Institute of Fitness and Sport (NIFS) is a non-profit offering full service fitness experiences with certified staff - making fitness fun.

Sage Stream

Sage Stream provides interactive entertainment (music) to older adults relieving isolation, increasing social interaction and improving cognition.

The Smarter Service

Your trusted tech concierge providing hands-on and virtual support for older adults. Includes financial wellness content from tech gurus.

Virtual Brain Health Center

VBHC offers research-backed sessions and education on how to understand brain health and what you can do for personal brain care.

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