Successful aging produces gender-independent wellness profiles


Historically, seniors (persons age 65+) have been treated as a single group. Today, aging is viewed as a process, with seniors desiring to “age successfully” - though the recipe for successful aging remains elusive. We reasoned that, by remaining independent, residents in independent living at Life Plan Communities are a model for successful aging. Here, we report the results of a cross-sectional observational study of 1093 residents in independent living, ages 65+, at four Life Plan Communities. Using a mobile health software platform, residents accrued points in the eight dimensions of wellness by participating in community-sponsored events, consuming on-demand wellness content, and logging user-initiated activities. The distribution of points in the eight dimensions of wellness (wellness profile) were analyzed to reveal age- and gender-related trends in aging. The wellness profile shows significant gender differences among persons in their late-60s, but not among persons in their early-90’s. Men show less interest in intellectual wellness (47% decrease) and more interest in social wellness (11% increase) and spiritual wellness (186% increase) with age. Women show more interest in social wellness (139% increase) with age. Age-related changes in the wellness profile suggest individual learning during successful aging.

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